Update 2.0.7x

Improvements :

  • [iOS] [Android] Modify a message in a SOS is now possible during 10 minutes after having validated the message.

  • [iOS] [Android] User medal will be now displayed in the SOS chats.
  • [iOS] [Android] SOS location and description can now be modified instead of deleting and creating a new one (see picture)
  • [iOS] [Android] While creating a SOS, vehicle type and/or engine will be required.
  • [iOS] [Android] When a SOS is created, if a push notification can’t be sent to a user(for example if he never connected to V2 version), an e-mail will be sent to him.
  • [iOS] [Android] In case of connection troubles, the app will automatically switch to offline mode after 5 faulty connections.

Adds :
  • [iOS] [Android] Thefts feature is back !!!
  • [iOS] [Android] You can now report an error on garages, meetings, thefts or SOS.
  • [iOS] [Android] A notification will now alert the user in case of offline mode switching. A button will enable to disable this process, and the app will try again to connect to the server.

  • [iOS] [Android] A notification will appear in case of updates available on the store.

If you notice any other bug, please contact us at contact@savemyvwtrip.com

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