Update 2.0.6x

A new update of the app is under development on both stores (Apple and Android) V2.0.6x, here follow the bugs solved and improvements:

Bug corrected:

  • [iOS] Scrolling SOS menu problems solved
  • [iOS] [Android] SOS description is fully visible now
  • [iOS] Avatar upload bug corrected
  • [iOS] [Android] Account activation with e-mail address problem solved
  • [iOS] Crashing bug while selecting an unavailable filter on the map solved
  • [iOS] Phone numbers display bug
  • [iOS] [Android] Minor bugs solved


  • Icon added in SOS window indicating if the SOS is for someone stuck on the side of the road (red), or if it’s someone at home (Orange).
  • SOS are now ordered by priority on the main screen: last ones and on the road are first, old and at home are later in the list.
  • When map is opened, filters menu is automatically opened.
  • When clicquing on “refresh” on the map, if no filter is selected, the filters menu is automatically displayed.

If you encounter any bugs, please contact us at support@savemyvwtrip.com

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