Here is finally the 1.7 version for iOS !!
With it, you will get:
– New design and ergonomics
– Optimization of the loading time of the database (40% less)
– Improvement of the connection / reconnection module
– Improved map ergonomics
– Center the map on your position (finally!)
– Navigation on the map while loading marks
– The radius for beacons (SOS and thefts) created in the USA, Canada and Brazil has been increased to 800Km
– Conversion to miles is now available
– Improved chat function with use of photos
– Indications of unread messages on SOS
– New support base: http://support.savemyvwtrip.com/index
– And and ….. the alerts for SOS and thefts arrive finally by notifications !!!
It was our big issue this summer, it’s finally here. To be compatible with it, it is imperative to have the version iOS 1.7 installed and to have connected at least once (no restrictions for Android).

Enjoy your trips 

IOS 1.4

What’s new ?

  • New feature : My VW has been stolen !
  • Users agreement has been modified according to the new feature
  • A member will be able to register or not to the different alerts (Newsletters, SOS, Stolen VW)
  • A bug with the country selection in “My account” is solved on the iOS version

Version IOS 1.2

Bug corrections :
– Minors text corrections
– duplicating meetings while changing tabs
– account activations problems
– freezing screen while locking the iphone during database update
Improvements :
– sleep mode is now unset during database updates
– new email frame

Version IOS 1.1

Bonjour à tous,
Malgré nos nombreux tests avant la sortie, quelques bugs s’étaient glissés dans la version iOS v1.0, ils sont désormais corrigés dans la version v1.1 en ligne depuis hier soir.

– Le menu principale change maintenant bien de langue lorsqu’elle est modifiée
– Correction d’affichage mineure de différents champs
– Correction mineure lors de la mise à jour de la base de données
Bonne route !